The following are links to information websites and others who have shared our experiences:

Billie Bainbridge was a real inspiration to us, and one of our main reasons for going to Houston - Billie's parents had determination and hope on their side. Sadly Billie passed away at the age of 5, in June this year. She will be sadly missed.

Hannah Bradley has recently had treatment at the Burzynski clinic. She has had the most amazing response from the treatment and is now looking forward to a normal life, cancer free.

Laura Hymas was told she only had months to live - and now she can look forward to a life cancer free, having made the decision to go to the Burzynski clinic.

The Alexander Devine childrens hospice service are providing nursing care for Amelia at home. The charity aims to build a childrens hospice in our county, Berkshire, for children like Amelia.

The Joseph Foote trust raises money to provide research into brain tumours, with the aim of improving survival rates.

As detailed in this website, the Burzynski clinic will provide Amelia’s antineoplaston therapy in Houston, Texas.

The Burzynski patient group. These are real people with real examples of lives saved.